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Auto Loan: What is it?

Auto Loan: What is it?

Personal car loan is a loan that can be requested in two different ways. One of these is directly through the dealer , that is the dealer, speaking in this case of a finalized loan and therefore bound to the vehicle. Another method is to request a car loan directly online, for example through our company Good Finance , in this case the loan is not finalized and therefore not tied to the car.

The car loan is available from a minimum age of 18 years up to a maximum of 75 years at the end of the loan contract. Usually the maximum amount that can be requested is around € 30,000 repayable through a repayment plan of up to 120 months , this allows the applicant to have a low monthly payment.

The required liquidity will be credited directly to your current account and in the same way the monthly payment will be automatically withdrawn from the latter. You can activate the car loan for a car of any size and brand that is new or used, or even activate a zero-km auto loan or a car repair loan . For a free, no-obligation quote fill out our form: Click here and entrust our experts now!

Auto Loan: Who Can Request It?


The new car loan or used car loan can be requested by all those who have a clean credit history in the various databases, therefore there must be no reports and / or protests placed side by side with the name of the applicant. The car loan can be requested by anyone between the ages of 18 and 75 with a demonstrable income.

Therefore auto financing can be obtained from employees, self-employed and retired who have a demonstrable income, residence in the Italian territory and who hold a current account. Usually the valuation criteria of a car loan are: risk policies , the level of income and creditworthiness , which is usually the sore point that results in a negative response. Online car loan , Estimate Now!

Auto Loan: Why is it rejected?


Getting a car loan is not as simple as it may seem, in fact to have a positive outcome you need to have a clean credit history, which means that the dealership you have turned to can reject your loan application if your name is within the CRIF database, CTC, Experian for reports or within the Cai for protests.

An alert occurs when: you pay one or more installments of a loan or not the balances late, if you have already made a request for a loan recently and maybe it has also been rejected or on the contrary if you have never turned to a credit, if you have many monthly commitments or expenses that lead you to have big debts or if you signed as a guarantor in a loan in which the applicant does not pay or pay the installments badly.

The protest instead, is due to the delay or failure to pay checks or bills of exchange. In this case it is recommended to request an online car loan through a financial company that always has some opportunities to offer, like us! Ask for a free car loan quote to bad payers.

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